Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Benefits to Being Home for 1 Week

(1) Food. Home for a month, I get spinach quiche and salmon loaf. Home for a week, food = love. My mother cooks steaks for dinner, peach cobbler for dessert. How much better can you get?

(2) Social life. Home for a month, your friends say, "Hey, let's do something one of these days." Home for a week, your friends go with you to Denny's at midnight, invite you to their parties.

(3) Relaxation. Home for a month, you clean the bathrooms and vacuum a few times. Home for a week, you do laundry or dishes if you feel like it [which, granted, I do; I'm a good son.] [And oh, so humble, too.]

Drawbacks: I miss panicking over 7-page papers and marathon problem sets. I miss long discussions of religion, politics and sex that break down into laughter. I miss dining hall food sitting on my plate while I argue theology with my RH. I miss being forced to read the authors I really want to read. I miss not having the time to watch TV, thereby not getting sucked into another VH1 Countdown.

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