Thursday, June 26, 2003

Written 6:30 PM, June 25

I apologize in advance:
Given a positive integer n, take the set of all the integers from 1 to 2n. Then pick any n+1 elements out of that set. One of them will be a multiple of another. Can you prove why? Can you see why it doesn’t hold if you take just n elements?

Okay, okay, no more math problems in my weblog. It’s been a tiring week, but a good one. I’m finally getting to know my housemates, a little at a time. “T” is a funny guy who nicknames everyone and everything in sight (since I plan to be a professor, I was dubbed ‘Teach’), and who keeps a baseball bat in his room in case of burglars. “R” is a sort of wild girl who also has a sewing-her-own-clothes side, but I still don’t know which of her stories to believe. “L”, the guy who set this whole thing up, has been trying to charge the rest of us $50 to use the DVD player and $25 to have the remote explained to us. I’m pretty sure he’s joking. “A” hasn’t been around much yet, because her boyfriend “P” spent the last few days here on his way from New York to a Montana ranch. And the last house member, “E”, has still yet to make an appearance.

So today, I was faced with my total ineptitude with respect to computers. We were supposed to type up questions for the 9th and 10th grade placement test, using this programming text editor to include diagrams. Not gonna happen, I’m afraid. The computer tried to crash on me three times in the first minute, but because it’s Linux it was smarter than I am and didn’t let my screwing around destroy it.

The good part about having to adjust oneself again to waking up at a reasonable hour is that when the alarm hits you in mid-sleep cycle, you remember your dreams. I’ve run from the Mafia, played some weird version of Capture the Flag where glowing sticks guide the teams along, and sat in a math class. Yes, that’s how pathetic I am. I had a dream where I was in math class. I’m going to go and cry now.

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