Thursday, July 17, 2003

Can't be Thursday Already...

Ah, it's happened again. My life has settled into a more or less comfortable routine, and I've ceased to notice the passage of time.

My students competed this week in the Great Polyhedron Contest, building and decorating the 5 Platonic solids in competition with the other 9th and 10th graders. They placed third, but I didn't tell them that: I'll allow only my ego to inflate on that account. They're some smart kids, and the cameraderie is starting to build between them. They joked around today as they solved the geometric problems [example: Take a rhombus and erect a square on each side. Let K, L, M, and N be the centers of the squares. Prove KLMN is itself a square] and programmed in the Scheme language [example: Given an amount of money, write a program to determine how many ways you can make that amount from pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters].

Tuesday night, I went with the other counselors to Second City [the famous Chicago comedy club] to see a monologue, "Tales From Math Camp", told by a former U of C math graduate who had since switched to acting. The monologue, and the two shows that followed [all for $5 admission] weren't spectacular, but they were enough to get us laughing. That was something I always appreciate.

More about this week when and if I feel like it. [Am I becoming a prig about this whole blog concept? I hope not.]

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