Wednesday, July 30, 2003


Yeah, I’m aware that I won’t get all of these [in fact, #41 and #42 are most likely mutually exclusive for me]. This is just what I thought of in one sitting...

1. Write that science-fiction novel I keep thinking about
2. Study all of the major philosophers
3. See my own grandchildren
4. Make money from honest work
5. Give away money where it will do good
6. Understand the people I care about
7. Care about the people I don’t care about yet
8. Teach students to love math
9. Discover something new and important
10. Keep a friend for life
11. Learn to really play the guitar
12. Take up tennis or soccer
13. Raise children to think for themselves
14. Go to high-school reunions without bitterness or regret
15. Forgive the people I haven’t forgiven
16. Move past my own ego for once
17. Write a book of memoirs that’s worth reading
18. Learn to read Latin and Greek
19. Love others without resentment
20. Find God
21. See beauty where nobody else does
22. Immerse myself in classical music
23. Grow to understand art
24. Understand myself
25. Understand suffering enough to relieve it
26. Find peace with what I know and what I don’t know
27. Be an answer to someone’s prayer
28. Be more honest with myself
29. Take a long road trip with good friends
30. Hike by myself to the middle of nowhere
31. Save somebody’s life
32. Learn martial arts
33. Develop a new, unexpected intellectual passion
34. Teach philosophy as an old, gray-haired professor
35. Argue about the good and the true until dawn comes
36. Laugh heartily once in a while
37. Learn how to bluff in poker
38. Get in shape, and stay that way
39. Assemble an incredible book collection
40. Devote myself to social justice
41. Go into the priesthood
42. Fall madly in love and get married
43. Surprise someone I love with a gift
44. Grow to enjoy silences
45. Think less about how I am perceived
46. Learn to cook well
47. Live in a unique house, preferably an old one
48. Spend a year in a foreign country
49. Improve my comic timing
50. Learn how to swing or salsa dance
51. Develop facial expressions that match my feelings
52. Figure out what exactly I am feeling
53. Mentor a better mathematician than myself
54. Learn to control my temper
55. Be active once retired
56. Play clever pranks on my students
57. Comfort someone at their lowest moment
58. Learn the full story of my parents’ lives
59. Make every action a form of prayer

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