Thursday, July 24, 2003

I Can't Believe It's Almost Over

Tomorrow is my students' last day in the YSP math camp; after that, it'll just be me and my own math classes. I've enjoyed these 4 weeks so much, it's unbelievable. Watching the four of them make friends with each other, start getting into the proofs and into group theory, put their best efforts into cutting and pasting the infernal dodecahedron, I felt a lot of joy radiating from these smart kids.

Today we had the climactic student/counselor Ultimate Frisbee match on the grassy Midway in front of the University quads. The kids won last year, apparently, but this time we meant business. It was made supposedly even by the fact that we were significantly outnumbered. We shellacked them, 13-4, on the skill of all the other counselors and... well... I don't suppose I hurt our team too much with my running about and wildly trying to knock down the kids' passes in the end zone.

And after tomorrow, I won't see them any more. I guess that comes with the territory of anything in education, but I'm gonna miss math camp.

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