Tuesday, July 01, 2003

My Head Hurts

So, the 9th and 10th graders arrived yesterday and took the placement exam, which determined their small groups. I began working with my 4 teens this morning, going back and forth on some geometry problems. As a YSP counselor, I have some guidelines for helping the small group.

The first rule of Young Scholars Program is: you don't go up to the board.

The second rule of Young Scholars Program is: YOU DON'T GO UP TO THE BOARD.

The third rule of Young Scholars Program is: ask challenging questions to facilitate learning.

The fourth rule of Young Scholars Program is: don't let any one student dominate the group.

My apologies to Chuck Palahniuk [if this reference means nothing you needn't bother].

Anyhow, what's frustrating is that PS2, who's running the program, is assigning these guys a few problems that I can't do. Uh-oh.

Life is good in the house that Professor B built [no, wait... he's not THAT old]. I made a good chili dinner for all on Sunday, only to be completely and utterly outdone by last night's almond lemon chicken, courtesy of A. There are some insanely good cooks in this house.

I've been seeing some excellent movies by night, brought from home by various members of the enclave. "North by Northwest" has topped the list so far; see it if you haven't already.

And I've been spending time with some friends of mine who'll be leaving soon, one for postdoctoral work in New York, the other for a Benedictine monastery. Life continues to change, much as I'd like to keep these years on permanent loop. No, scratch that. I often dream of starting all over, picking up the talents I had the time but not desire for then, making substantial friendships in the years I neglected others, acting differently toward those I built into enemies. Life now is good, but I can't say I have no regrets.

And that's why I get angry sometimes at what I'm not doing. There are at least three people I should get in touch with right now, but I don't know whether I'll bother in the end. I don't understand that aspect of myself, why I let people, goals, opportunities slip away passively sometimes. I just don't understand.

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