Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Top 10 Things I Should Stop Doing in Math Class

10. Cracking jokes, particularly those of the bad pun variety.

9. Raising my hand on a question before I have any clue what the answer is.

8. Raising my hand on every question when it's something I already know.

7. Falling asleep. In the front row.

6. Correcting the professor, then realizing that I'm the one who's wrong.

5. Asking pointless questions on side issues to slow down the lecture.

4. Shouting the answer when another student was called on.

3. Zoning out, daydreaming about proving the Riemann hypothesis.

2. Acting as if I'm by far the best mathematician in the class.

1. Doing any of the above, AFTER I remind myself to stop.

I realized recently that I am the kind of jackass student whom I detest. Drat.

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