Monday, August 18, 2003

Beats Twiddling my Thumbs...

Contrary to popular opinion, I am not currently touring the East Coast. That trip didn’t quite work out, for various reasons. Instead, I’m back at home in Missouri, wondering what to do with the remaining five weeks of summer break. To that end, a preliminary “To Do” list:

* Get friends together for a float trip down a lazy river, possibly capped off with a barbecue
* Finish the books I bought: A Clockwork Orange, Crime and Punishment, Lolita and Either/Or
* Order some new CDs on Amazon cheap, so they’ll be waiting for me at school
* Blog amusing descriptions of my summer compadres
* Find “Super Smash Bros” for my dorm room next year. Excellent.
* See a Cardinals-Cubs game, hopefully to watch the former obliterate the latter
* Fix my computer so it doesn’t freeze up when you select “Shut Down”
* Portray my sister Katie in a more positive light, or face the consequences
* Remove “your mom” from my sense of humor
* Learn to cook more dinner foods than chili and pizza
* Visit my old high school to lecture about some mathematical subject
* Volunteer to help with a Catholic religious retreat or two
* Continue reading the poems in my T.S. Eliot collection
* Consider becoming a substitute teacher for my old school district
* Burn the requested CDs for members of my family
* Review the material from my math classes this summer, do more of the problems

...and so on. Wish me luck.

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