Friday, August 08, 2003

The Horror... the horror...

Normally, I lack a sense of smell entirely. I try to tell friends that it’s due to an unfortunate methane-factory accident during my youth. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t that gullible.

My point is, I can’t smell a blessed thing in most contexts. Perfume, food, sweat, and the like are all unknown to me, unless they’re so odoriferous that other people have violent reactions to them.

Last week, when I went into the kitchen of the house, I nearly retched. Something smelled like it was decaying, so awful I couldn’t even breathe in there. I could taste it. Imagine my surprise, then, when nobody else could smell anything wrong. Not the other people living there, not the Dutch houseguests, not the friends I had over.

How is it possible that something is there that only I can smell? And how can it be so wretched a stench?

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