Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Spontaneous Mutants...

...would be yet another great title for a punk band or a B movie.

So, all is well in the old house. We have a set of Dutch guests, friends of the professor and his wife, so I've been booted to the small guest room filled from floor to ceiling with books. Rather fascinating it is: a vast children's collection with all the Dr. Seuss juxtaposed with postmodern historical criticism and with century-old reference texts. The closet contains a plethora of military board games, titled "Waterloo", "Battle of the Bulge", "1776", "MacArthur", "Gettysburg", "Caesar's Legions", et cetera. The room belonged to the professor's son, years ago, and between the bookcases on the wall there's a painted mural of a fantasy medeival kingdom.

The guests are pretty nice, although the two boys haven't really left their Game Boys for long enough to get to know the current house occupants. I can't spell their names, unfortunately, although this led to an amusing discussion of pronunciations between languages, and why the innocuous Dutch word "fooken" can't be used any more as English becomes more prevalent.

This past weekend, I finally succumbed to others' judgment and saw "Pirates of the Caribbean", which looked terrible to me in previews, but which everyone told me was a good movie. Well, they were right and I was wrong. It got me saying "Arr, matey" to the other math counselors I saw it with, which perhaps isn't the best effect of a movie. Oh well. I did enter an extended discussion of the logic of the curse, and of whatever happened to Bootstrap [if you've seen the movie, think about it for a second].

And blah blah lah blah blah. I think I've exhausted my daily ability to write cleverly, so au revoir.

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