Monday, August 11, 2003


* Watch the movie "Whale Rider". Right now.

* With all musically gifted Catholics on vacation last week, I was left to lead the hymns at Mass. No problem; I picked a hymn, announced it, and promptly began singing a different hymn. Drat. The Mass was not lost, though, and I have to say there's something special about singing by yourself, a cappella, and then hearing one voice after another join in through the hymn.

* Flugtag. A harbor downtown with a 30-foot platform, where a crowd watches amateurs pilot ridiculous "flying" machines that occasionally make it 40 feet out, but more often simply crash spectacularly. It was a lot of fun (my favorite was the giant Pez dispenser), and I'm going to build one for next year. Right after I start the University of Chicago curling team.

* Don't play Taboo with me. I get psychotic.

*The University Theatre built a gigantic black-box stage in the courtyard for two weeks of "Taming of the Shrew", and then tore it all down. Really a shame. The show was good for student actors, though.

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