Friday, September 12, 2003


* Anna e-mailed me after Monday's post:
"The democrats weren't the first to start blocking nominees to the federal bench, the republicans did it plenty during the Clinton administration.   That said, I'm sure that radical courts are always agents of bad change, take for example the activist court that decided Brown vs. Board and any number of other civil rights cases half a century ago.  At the moment, I think that the Senate happens to be saving my civil rights in this particular area (not that the members of the Senate haven't done remarkably stupic things with my civil rights lately, anyways, e.g. the "American Patriot Act").  So there's my 2 cents for the day."

* Day 5 of no TV. Without the ability to waste my time effortlessly, I've felt the impetus to actually accomplish something. TV withdrawal is waning, and I believe that I could go without it (excepting football games, of course) till school begins.

* Commenting about Katie's help shopping, I mentioned my quip, "Katie's Eye for the Brother Guy".
She: "You put that in your weblog, didn't you?"
Me: (sheepishly) "Yeah."
She: "You are so predictable."

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