Monday, January 19, 2004

If It Were Basketball, We'd Be The Papal Bulls

I'm playing on the broomball team for Calvert House (the Catholic center at U of C, y'know) and tonight we voted on our team name.

The result: The Calvert House Filioque. (For those who aren't chuckling: the filioque clause was a pretext for the Great Schism, which makes for a great door-slamming, anathema-wielding, ego-clashing story.)

Runner-up: The Calvert House Popery. (Sadly, this could be interpreted as self-loathing rather than the ability to joke about ourselves. We have enough of an inferiority complex here already.)

Honorable Mention: The Calvert House Inquisition. (Although the idea was innocuous and hilarious, we agreed we didn't want to do anything that might have been seen as offensive to Jewish students. Still, it would have been great to score a goal and then shout, "Nobody expects an Inquisition!")

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