Monday, January 12, 2004

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

You know, the longer I go without posting, the less my desire to set aside the time for it. Is this just a novelty that has worn off? Does anyone really care what I write here?

Oh well, I know I’m posting today at least.


If you talk to me about politics, you’re pretty sure what political party I belong to: the opposite one from yourself. But you’d be wrong. I seem to argue with just about everyone on a political level, and I don’t know what I believe or who I support on some major issues.

At this point in my life, I’m reasonably certain of my grasp on the way I’m trying to live my life, and I trust the Church on many of these things. However, it’s much less clear what policies to endorse, trying to effect the common good and avoid injustice to a nation of 300 million people. So I will argue with the Republican, and I will argue with the Libertarian, and I will argue with the Democrat, and I will argue with you. And when it comes time to vote? I only wish I knew.

More on this later, when I have time to carefully weigh my words.


Commutative Algebra- So far, so good. Most of the material is familiar to me from either Abstract Algebra or the Algebraic Geometry I did last quarter for the elliptic curves project. Murthy is a good lecturer: clear, organized, legible and understandable.

Human Heredity- Nothing special yet. Today we do mitosis. Interesting assignment, though: find a news article on some topic of human genetics or genetic engineering, then find the scientific source and analyze the reporting.

Functional Analysis- 9 AM Tuesday and Thursday, the bane of my existence. Missed the second class after a bout of insomnia.

European Civilization 2- First quarter’s teacher had the brilliant idea of requiring short response papers on the readings the night before each class, thus ensuring that we’d read and contemplate the texts. Too early to judge the new instructor yet, but the class dynamic has changed.

Mathematical Logic 2 (auditing)- The dreaded fifth class. The first quarter really interested me, so I couldn’t pass this up. Lots of set theory at the beginning; we’ll see where it all leads.

I’m also still grading calculus assignments and holding office hours. So this will be a frightfully busy quarter. Just the way I like it.

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