Monday, February 09, 2004


1. If you have a 7-10 page paper due, say, Monday at 5 PM, don't wait until Sunday.

2. If you do wait till Sunday, don't pick the topic requiring additional reading.

3. If you violate 1 and 2, at least write part of the actual paper before Monday morning.

4. If all else fails (and it did), listen to Beethoven as you write. Somehow it worked out.

5. Broomball is really fun.

6. Making up cheers for a Catholic broomball team is really fun as well.

Gimme an A! A!
Gimme a M! M!
Gimme a D! D!
Gimme a G! G!
What's that stand for?
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

Bonus Example:
Yeah our team has got momentum-
Et antiquum documentum!

Double Bonus Example:
OK, the score is one to holy and apostolic!

Current Task: Nothing!
Current Mood: Better all the time

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