Sunday, March 07, 2004

Song Meme (a few days behind the times)

First 20 songs on random shuffle:
1. In The Mood, Glenn Miller
2. Electioneering, Radiohead
3. High and Dry, Radiohead
4. Just Like A Woman, Bob Dylan
5. Wrong 'Em Boyo, The Clash
6. The General, Dispatch
7. Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin
8. I Want You To Want Me, Letters to Cleo
9. London Calling, The Clash
10. Fool in the Rain, Led Zeppelin
11. Don't Leave Me, Blink 182
12. Se a Cabo, Santana
13. Revolution Rock, The Clash
14. Closing Time, Semisonic
15. Queen Jane Approximately, Bob Dylan
16. Bring It On Home, Led Zeppelin
17. Spanish Bombs, The Clash
18. Airbag, Radiohead
19. One Tree Hill, U2
20. Oye Como Va, Santana

Not bad, although some embarrassing ones came up, and some of the artists with a lot on my playlist (Counting Crows, Cream/Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews Band, the Beatles) don't appear at all.

Oh, I know that I haven't posted anything of legitimate content in quite a while. Just you wait: during spring break, I promise I'll be writing way too much.

Current Task: REU Application
Current Mood: Life is Good.

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