Sunday, April 18, 2004

The Easter Octave:

*Experiencing the Easter Vigil Mass again.
*Watching Francesco put foot in mouth.
*Ceasing to wear long-sleeved shirts.
*Humiliating myself in Telephone Charades and Freeze.
*Debating original sin, purgatory and the universal salvific will.
*Whittling five classes down to three.
*Finding out Alice is psychic.
*Eating at Cedars of Lebanon, Rajun Cajun, and Grand Lux Cafe.
*Continuing the habit of Daily Mass.
*Claiming a much-needed tax refund.
*Sustaining an Easter candy sugar high.
*Cantoring for the first time at Mass.
*Frisbee in front of the Shoreland.
*Laughing about nuns with Super Soakers on lavender Vespas.
*Missing Shoreland ScavHunt meetings.
*Rocking Algebraic Geometry.
*Buying plane tickets for summer in California.
*Watching the U-Boat sitting out in the sun.
*Being with Alice.

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