Monday, June 07, 2004

It’s the most gorgeous day of the year on the U of C campus*. Temperatures are in the mid-80s, the sun is shining brightly, but obscured just enough by clouds that it doesn’t feel like baking. The massive trees on the quads (what variety, I’ve never bothered to learn) are letting through tiny moving snippets of the light, as a gentle breeze crosses the campus. And there’s nobody to see it. A few weeks ago, when spring was just beginning to emerge from late winter, there were hordes of students out on the quads, reading and eating and even laughing at each other. Today, it’s completely deserted, save for a campus tour for the rising high school seniors, and a family pushing a baby in a stroller. Why, you ask? Because today also happens to be Monday of

Finals Week, Spring 2004
Woche den Final, Fruh 2004… a moose once bit my sister…

I, however, am pretty much free; only my Friday final for Algebraic Number Theory remains. Last week I prepared a final presentation for Genetic Engineering on how to create bacteria that would decompose Styrofoam (pulling an all-nighter in the process), and took the final for Algebraic Geometry. I already know, I think, how I did in that class: Ryan and I went to talk to Mr. Baily before the weekend about the class. He opened the door, put up his hands in the "don't hurt me!" position, and exclaimed, "You both got A's!" Then I talked to him and asked if he'd be willing to write a recommendation letter next year, to which he replied "Certainly... who are you again?" (Note: Mr. Baily is at least 80.) So maybe I didn't get that grade...

Anyway, I'll be returning to St. Louis at the end of the week and leaving for California on the 19th. It's an exciting few weeks.

* Of course this wasn't taken today. But it's really cool nonetheless.

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