Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Little Ado About Nothing

Well, here I am back home in Saint Charles, Missouri. My Friday final went all right, as far as I can tell (well, there was one part of #5 I had to “leave as an exercise to the grader”, if you know what I mean). So I’m here for a week, leaving Saturday for San Luis Obispo and the study of Graded Betti Numbers. But lest you think I’m taking a break from education, I’ve learned the following over the past few days:

I’ve been wearing my shoes three sizes too large.
The Rocket is vincible (this is a very good thing).
My sister is no longer obsessed with cows.
Applause can spoil a good homily.
Timing is everything when trying to move things to Storage.
You can gauge the quality of a Chinese restaurant by their vegetables.
The Detroit Pistons rock.

Actually, when you put it all together, it doesn’t look like that much. Maybe my brain needs me to get back into action.

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