Monday, June 28, 2004

SLO But Steady Progress

Well, actually, the progress on the Smallest Graded Betti Numbers project has been quite immediate: we’ve proved a way to read the Hilbert function right off the associated simplicial complex. This is a very good thing, as it gives us something we can write a paper on already. And we haven’t even cracked open our main problem of identifying minimal graded Betti numbers for a squarefree monomial ideal.

This weekend was OK. Saw Fahrenheit 911 and was impressed by the quality of the movie; it was the first Michael Moore film I’d seen, and it was more entertaining and more moving than I’d expected. As far as the actual content thereof, of course it’s biased and unfair. But what the movie does do is paint a coherent picture of what’s wrong with the foreign policy of George W. Bush, and what the reasons for that might be.

(Nota Bene: When I write "coherent", I don't necessarily mean "accurate". I don't know whether it's accurate. But I do mean "coherent".)

I like my routine here at the Cal Poly REU. I meet with my group (Matthew and Joey) and Dr. Richert at 9 each day, then work/eat/check my e-mail/blog, then meet with Matthew and Joey again from about 3-5 and compare ideas. Then there's dinner with the rest of the REU participants, and typically we get together for a game of spades, or touch football, or DDR, or wandering around downtown SLO. I'll have fun this summer.

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