Friday, July 09, 2004

Well, an uncanny combination of being busy and being lazy has prevented me thus far from describing my incredible Fourth of July weekend, when I traveled up to San Francisco to see Alice.

I know that, so far, I haven’t mentioned a whole lot about Alice on this blog. But disclaimers be darned, she’s too great a part of my life to stay silent about. We’ve been together for nearly five months now, including Lent, when we weren’t exactly dating. That’s an interesting story. So too the story of how we came to be a couple in the first place. You can personally ask about either, but they’re not blog material. It’s enough to say that I’m in love with a sweet, witty, lovely, unselfish, spontaneous, smart, pious, understanding, compassionate, graceful, wonderful young woman.

So, oh yes, my weekend. Since our professor had given us extra days off, I was able to take the bus and the train early Friday morning and stay until Monday. I stayed at her home, with her parents and her cats (I became rather well acquainted with these cats, incidentally; Fluffy and Genevieve are OK, but Gwyn reminded me all too much of Bucky).

Alice certainly made good on her promise to show me the city. In no particular order, we had a dim sum lunch, rode the cable car, had gelato in the North Beach neighborhood of her birth, walked along the marina, took the ferry across San Francisco Bay, saw the Conservatory of Flowers, went to a Latin Mass at a Silesian parish, tried some great West Coast chowder, and took her grandmother out for lattes. San Francisco is a gorgeous city, seen spread out in infinite variety before you. It's even better with a savvy and charming guide.

The best cuisine in San Francisco was prepared by Alice herself, as she baked a masterful cherry pie, surprised me with French toast, and socked me into pie heaven with a lemon meringue. I wrote last year, in a different context, that food = love, and Alice illustrated the theorem fantastically.

And the real highlight of the weekend was spending time with the woman I love. Alice is a treasure I appreciate more all the time, and I’m very, very lucky that we’ve found each other. She's coming here to San Luis Obispo in a few weeks, and I can't wait.

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