Sunday, October 24, 2004

And here I sit/
Life goes on, end of tunnel, TV set/
Spot in the middle/
Static fade, statistical bit/
And soon I'll fade away, I'll fade away...

My grad-school applications process is stagnating. I'm not prepared for next month's GRE (curse you, stupid Multivariable Calculus! You should have ceased to matter years ago!) and I'm worrying about my recommendations.

My roommate, I hear, is trying to break down the dividing wall of enmity in his Halloween costume. I, for one, support ninja-pirate dialogue, though I feel that the prospects for reunification are dim.

Mass with Fr. Andrew Greeley was as bad as I feared, from reading his essays and reading about him. Think Mr. Potter from It's A Wonderful Life, mangling the liturgy. Greeley started his homily before reading the Gospel, rather self-righteously mocking those he considers to be self-righteous. His actual homily was of little relevance to U of C students and consisted, basically, of caricaturing and ridiculing middle-class suburban Catholics. And to top it all off, the highest praise he could give our Gregorian Chant choir is that it "belongs in the Church right there with Marty Haugen." Grrr.

Does anyone else miss the Hamster Dance website? Admit it now.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Alive and Well

There's no need for argument/
There's no argument at all/
And if you never hear from me/
That just means I didn't call...

Took the General GRE today (just like the SAT all over again) and made an 800 on the Quantitative, the only part that actually matters for me. I rock.

Oh, and I have some advice for all of you on customer service:

Citibank is terrible. Trust me on this; if there's ever a problem, it becomes a case of passing the buck. I've done all they asked, and I still can't access my account online. I urge you to find another bank, if there are any other ATMs around. I only stay with Citibank because I don't want to cough up $2 to them each time I get $60, as they have a monopoly on ATMs in Hyde Park.

Dell is awful. One of the guys in the REU this summer had billing problems and laptops that were shipped broken, and he said that the Customer Service line was really as bad as its parody in "Get Fuzzy". Avoid them like the plague.

In the "good" file, we have Frontier Airlines, a budget carrier. I bought my tickets to California through them, because they beat the other prices by about 30%. Then I was informed that my connecting flight to LA (through American) had a schedule change, so that I wouldn't make my Frontier flight home. Well, since Frontier had no later flights from LA to STL, they paid the difference to put me on another airline's flight home. Keep in mind that they did this to fix a problem that wasn't even their fault. I'll be taking them in the future.

Oh, and my roommate Brian is cooler than I thought. He sings a cappella and rock climbs. My roommate Ian is still weird, in case you were wondering. Fortunately, it's the entertaining kind of weird, not the creepy sort.

This has been the weekend of chocolate cake. The vegan cake given to our room was surprisingly very good, but Alice's feast-day super-rich double-layer definitely, er, takes the cake.

I have many ideas to blog on, but not today.