Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The geometry of innocent flesh on the bone/
Causes Galileo's math book to get thrown/
At Delilah, who's sitting worthlessly alone/
But the tears on her cheeks are from laughter...

We have a Christmas wreath on our front door. Recently, a pair of birds (sparrows or wrens, perhaps) have taken up residence there. Only problem: the door opens inward, so a door opened too quickly results in a very confused small brown bird swooping wildly through the corridors of the house. This happened yesterday evening, as I was sitting in the family room with Alice.

As the strong, unflappable man I am, I decided immediately that the best course of action was to run around madly, ducking and confidently shrieking "BIRD! BIRD!! BIRRRDDD!!!"*

The bird eventually found its way out at about the speed of an unladen swallow, and Alice had yet another laugh with the rest of my family.

In other news, it was wonderful to have Alice here for my birthday. My family, Alice and Cory came with me to dinner at a Mediterranean restaraunt/winery, where I sampled with my dinner three short glasses of different white wines. Quite a nice experience, though I'm sure I'll forget which one was the Sauvignon. Everyone got along fabulously, as I knew they would.

Alice did me the great favor of reading to me some of G. K. Chesterton's Club of Queer Trades stories. I'm glad to say I finally appreciated his sense of humor (neither The Napoleon of Notting Hill nor his biography of Thomas Aquinas had impressed me much) and am eager to get into the Father Brown mysteries.

I think I may not have made the A in Graduate Analysis. This is bad, and not just a whine, for two reasons:
(1) The grading policy has been stated as such: "If you know something, you will get an A. If you do not know something, you will get a B."
(2) If I get a B, PS2 won't allow me to take the second quarter.

Oh well. As consolation, I found out today that my Math GRE in November went well enough not to disqualify me.


NSF Fellowship
DOD Fellowship


Yeeargh. Why is it that I can't get motivated to write an application essay before the day I must send it in? The West Coast schools were due today, and the parts that had to be mailed were sent out with only 15 minutes to spare before the Post Office was to close. I'm going to spend tomorrow working on MIT, which is due around New Year's Day. Maybe then I won't wait till the deadline.

*The passage was altered slightly after original posting. Others' memories are better than mine, and I was duly corrected on the facts of my heroic response.

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