Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Socrates' Daimon, Begone!

For the prophetic voice of the daemon, which opposed me in the most trifling affairs, if I was about to act in any thing improperly, prior to this, I was continually accustomed to hear...

So last night, I was writing my paper for History of Philosophy on the Stoic doctrine of lekta or "things said", which are the fourth kind of incorporeal (all things are either bodies, or time, or place, or void, or lekta). I had a thesis– that the lekta were invariant under rewording, and actually expressed certain relations rather than simply describing them. It was a good thesis. It would have made a nice paper.

But then I got stuck. For hours. On the first page.

I was just incapable of writing the paper. Then, at about 11 PM yesterday (the paper was due at noon today), I had the realization that my thesis was wrong. It was Socrates' daimon preventing me from writing anything false. Nice. Except that meant I couldn't bring myself to BS a paper with an incorrect thesis.

So I changed my thesis and wrote a poor but correct paper. I'm worried that I would have done better writing a paper that was wrong but at least carefully written out. Aargh.

Yes, I know that this grade doesn't really matter, but I wanted to write a good paper because I liked the class. Maybe over break I'll write a better one. But I'm lazy.

And I'm tired now. Five hours of sleep is worse than four. Don't ask me why, because I have a theory and it will bore you.

Oral final in Graduate Analysis coming up in 23 hours.

But hey, I'll be home at the end of the week, Alice is coming to Saint Charles again, and it will be my birthday on Monday. So it's all OK.

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