Thursday, January 06, 2005

Well he cursed me when I proved to him/
Then I whispered and said, "Not even you can hide,/
You see, you're just like me,/
I hope you're satisfied"...


NSF Fellowship
DOD Fellowship


Minnesota and Texas due January 15, Michigan due January 22. Wish me luck.

New Classes:

Graduate Analysis, Quarter 2: Sidney Webster, functional analysis. Haven't yet had a problem set, so it may be too early to tell.

Ordinary Differential Equations: My first class with Peter Constantin, a man of impressive rigor. I walked in half an hour late (driving to campus is not a shortcut. See: Parking Impossibilities), apologized and sat down.
Constantin: "Now might be the time to go into some class etiquette. You may be late to class; you may have to leave early. This is the University of Chicago; these things happen. DO NOT SLEEP IN MY CLASS. That is all."

Latin, Quarter 2: Passive voice, eh. I've got to fight off the urge to do no work whatsoever; I do want to learn the language, after all.

Intro to Western Music My last Core class, and thus far much more interesting than other ones. I've actually learned things (tonics and modulations) that I didn't already know, and it's just the first week. Book comes with a 6-CD set sampling the last four centuries of music composition.

So that's my quarter in a nutshell. May senioritis pass over me.

P.S. MS Word recognized "senioritis" as a word. That saddens me somehow, even though I did use it in my post.

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