Wednesday, February 16, 2005

1. Calvert House is doing decently now. Father Jabusch, the chaplain here from 1990-2001, came out of retirement to help us for a few weeks; after that, we ought to have a new chaplain. We students are keeping all the programs running, from the undergraduate dinners to the Homeless Food Runs. People are still coming to Mass, coming just to spend time at Calvert, talking to one another. People at Calvert sometimes have vast differences in how they see the Church and how they see the world, but one thing brought out of this episode is the strength of our love for each other as a community. In the midst of tragedy, that's beautiful to behold.

2. Yesterday, February 15th, was the first anniversary of my relationship with Alice. I don't have much profound to tell the entire blogosphere about this wonderful woman, our relationship, and our hopes for the future. But in contradistinction to what I wrote early last February, with respect to Alice, life is good.


NSF Fellowship
DOD Fellowship

I feel so relieved that I received my first acceptance. Berkeley is a very good graduate program; still, I'll wait to see about the other schools. It's simply wonderful to know that I won't need a contingency plan for next year, that I won't be sitting on my butt instead of panicking through first-year graduate courses.

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