Thursday, April 28, 2005

My dorm, the Shoreland, is playing a colossal game of Assassins. The organizers e-mail each player with the name of their target; when you have assassinated them (with a squirt gun), you get the next name- unless, of course, the person after you (whose identity is totally unknown to you) takes you down first. The rules are cleverly constructed to keep the game exciting and fair. (Especially the part about Terminators.)

I am, alas, already dead. Yesterday morning, I checked the hall carefully before leaving my room (a Safe Area) and made my way to the elevator alone. A student I'd never seen before got on the elevator at a lower floor, waited till the door closed, then turned and shot me! I thought it must have been dumb luck, but I was mistaken: the guy had been staking out my room from the stairwell for hours; he dashed downstairs when I opened the door in order to catch my elevator. I had to give him props for that.

But drat, nonetheless. And I did so well last year! You can take a look at the board to see (by code names) who's still alive.

At least I have a comfortable office chair to sit in now. A friend of mine, Ben, heard about a day-trade business closing an office downtown, and that they were giving away old furniture. He didn't have a car (his initial plan was to bike downtown with a roll of duct tape, attach a table to himself, and pedal back to Hyde Park). I, however, have a car, so I drove with Ben and picked up a padded vinyl swivel chair for free! (The upholstering is worn out in places, but I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.) It has already contributed to my procrastination: I used to read blogs till my butt hurt, now it's until my eyes hurt.

UPDATE: The new furniture has helped me in Assassins, ha ha! Bringing the table upstairs was the perfect excuse to Terminate (see the Rules) my target, Ben's roommate.

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