Saturday, June 18, 2005


Oh well. Now on Maui, with a rare window for Internet access. I find that it is nigh impossible to think critically in this weather. Perhaps this is a good thing for me.

Partial exemption to the thinking moratorium for my reading: Anna Karenina (I procrastinated, but the airport bookstore was significantly better than I'd feared). Once again, the Russian novel astounds me.

I have found that my family, like Alice's, contains highly divergent vacation styles, between my dad ("Oh! A scenic point? Can we stop here and take more pictures?") and my sister ("WHY are we in the car and not on the beach?!?"). I am content to be slowly forgetting the epsilon-neighborhood theorem.

Belated congratulations to Aunt Ellie and Uncle Peter, whose newborn daughter Rosie is absolutely adorable.

I shall be back in Missouri on Tuesday night.

Now, the luau.

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