Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hiatus over.

Hawaii was a great and salutary chance to unwind, but as a consequence, the entire vacation has stuck together in my mind like the pages of a paperback in a coffee spill. Snorkeling was fantastic, in particular. After studying a reef ecosystem, we turned to the lairs of the sea turtles.

We were told to look for them surfacing occasionally, and that we should not get too close because approaching figures keep them from coming up to breathe. I noticed occasional bubbles rising from a cave, and took up a nearby position. After about five minutes of inactivity, I turned to the surface to check that my group was still out there, adjusted my goggles, and went back to the water. While I had been doing all this, the turtle had surfaced ten feet from my oblivious body. It must have been five feet across, and its shell bore the scars of a lunar landscape. I held still as the ancient reptile filled its lungs, drifted to an arm's length of me, then plunged back to its spot in the rock.

As I mentioned before, I returned to Saint Charles just a few days before Alice arrived for her visit. Ours was a low-stress itinerary (modulo two unavoidable parties): walking through Old Saint Charles, reading, cross-stitching, watching Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, meeting Kelsey and Scott, going to a Cardinals game with Katie and her visiting boyfriend Danny (whom I met for the first time, and of whom I now approve). Then Alice and I were off to visit her grandparents in Iowa. They were great, the country was pleasant, and Alice is indeed wonderful.

I fear that I have been dragged into the digital age, much as I resisted. My parents gave me for graduation an iPod and a cell phone (the latter of which I'm still somewhat embarrassed to carry). E-mail me if you desire the phone number.

Speaking of e-mail, my Uchicago account will be changing to an alumni account. So my e-mail begins with the same handle as before, but ends with "@alumni.uchicago.edu" rather than "@uchicago.edu". Just telling you.

Go and see Mad Hot Ballroom, the documentary about 5th graders in New York public schools and their citywide competition. It's the funniest, most joyful movie- documentary or not- that I've seen in a long time.

If I'm good, you'll see immediately subsequent posts on my summer reading thus far, and on more of my philosophical thoughts. If I'm lazy, I'll be sitting in front of the TV cheering for the Cardinals.

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