Thursday, August 11, 2005

I. I've joined the study workshop for grad students preparing to take the prelim exam, which will consist of half analysis and half algebra. Yonathan, who's been leading the analysis sessions, had this to say about the test:

"The way the test is set up, if you're decent in both analysis and algebra, you pass. If you're really good in one and sort of crappy in the other, they think you still ought to pass.


"So I'm hoping you're all just awesome in algebra."

II. I signed the lease on the room I mentioned last time; I'm quite happy. I'll be moving my stuff next week.

III. I intended to have an actual idea blog today, but it's not gonna happen.

IV. I had no idea that the requirements for residency in the People's Republic of California were so draconian. I've been told it 'looks bad' to leave the state for more than four days at a time. Screw that. I'm gonna be home for Christmas, and if Schwarzenegger has a problem with that, [comment deleted for containing predictable movie quotation].

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