Thursday, October 13, 2005

I need a phone call,
I need a raincoat...

My driver's license-the replacement one I ordered after the original didn't arrive here- should have arrived here by now. Stupid DMV.

Once again, I have football tickets- they're free this time (Faculty and Staff Day includes grad students). I probably ought to buy a Cal T-shirt or something.

Speaking of football, remember the time I bet my hair on the Super Bowl and lost? No you don't, because you didn't know me my freshman year of high school. But anyway, I've bet John (the USC transfer to Chicago, now another Berkeley grad student) that the Trojans would not go undefeated this season. If I win, he has to buy a Cal shirt and wear it proudly for a week. If he wins, I have to change my name to Kevin DuBrow... er... rather, I would have to wear a USC shirt to a Cal athletic event.

So all I'm saying is... Go Fighting Irish!

OK, you got me. I have absolutely nothing interesting to say today. Come back this weekend.

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