Friday, October 21, 2005

Linketh He To Blogs Strange and Various

The title alone of this post nearly made my morning: Jesus Rescued in Daring Commando Raid. Then the post itself actually made my morning. With all the back-and-forth rhetoric of "Who Would Jesus Vote For?", the author of The Medicine Box applies the missing perspective.

Lauren of Cnytr on why identifying yourself as a Neo-Cath- or, at any rate, a more "real" kind of Catholic than others- is vain and foolish.

Continuing to bat 1.000, Lauren also gives a pretty solid and pithy account of in what way the Church reads the Scriptures, in response to a piece of atrocious reporting in the London Times titled "Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible".

And I've meant to add Darwin Catholic to my blogroll for some weeks now. Darwin and Mrs. Darwin have quite impressed me with their insight and intellectual honesty.

UPDATE: In a much lighter vain, Kelsey has come up with the Ten Minute Measure For Measure (in two parts). Sample:

Lucio - Come with me now.
Isabel - What is your problem?
Lucio - Your brother's in the slammer.
Isabel - What is his problem?
Lucio - He slept with his girlfriend.
Isabel - Idiot.

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