Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Return of the Memes: I Confess.

So, my recent policy of doing memes on my LiveJournal (which I opened simply in the hopes of getting access to my buddies' 'friends-only' posts) has become an abject failure. So now, I'm just going to pretend it never happened, and try out this "I Confess" meme that's been making its way though the Catholic blogosphere. So here goes my inner Augustine:

I confess that, despite my highest protestations to the contrary, I do want to be cool.

I confess that I don't know what other people see in Berlioz.

I confess that Berkeley weather has made me a wimp: I sleep in a sweatshirt every night, despite low temperatures that don't even crack 40ยบ.

I confess that, while I'm not ordinarily a glutton, if you put candy within my reach while I'm doing math or otherwise thinking, I will consume it. All of it.

I confess that, unlike many bloggers I know, my personal library has yet to crack 100 books.

I confess I'm pretty sure that I've seen every cartoon on Homestarrunner.com, and can recite the words to more than a few Strong Bad e-mails.

I confess that, several months into graduate school, tonight is the first time that I have legitimately cooked something other than a frozen dinner for myself. (I don't count the two times I made chili for the grad student potlucks; they made me do it!)

I further confess that, while cooking myself the quesadilla tonight, I triumphantly hummed the tune to "Thus Spoke Zarathustra".

I confess that I had to Google the instructions to make said quesadilla.

I confess that I really have no idea what might be the best and most moral strategy to confront homelessness, or crime, or militant Islam, or any other of a dozen major current issues.

I confess that I will probably still argue passionately with anyone who advances strong opinions on one of those subjects.

I confess that I take an absurd pride in admitting my personal faults on my blog.

Oh. Maybe that ought to be the last one, then.

UPDATE: I changed something here. It was necessary. Sorry.

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