Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Keeping Myself Busy


Last Thursday: Gorgias Discussion at the Shrine of St. Francis. Deirdre invited me to this discussion group, for which I'm really grateful- arguing about justice and rhetoric and Socrates just gets me going. Reminded me of late night discussions in the Shoreland.

Tuesday: Math Music Night. Not coincidentally, three people chose to perform piano pieces by Bach. John showed us why he was considering a career in music (before a catastrophic broken finger diverted him to math).

Wednesday: House Night Out at Dona Thomas, whose carnitas lives up to its billing. Kudos to Erik K., food critic and St. Margaret Mary's parishioner, for the recommendation.

Thursday: Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Be there.

Friday Afternoon: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- Deirdre and her family have organized a group of nearly 50 people seeing it en masse. I'm planning on dressing up as the wardrobe...

Friday Night: Birthday-ish Thing with Bianca and Cole. It's Cole's actual birthday and four days before mine, so the man is being generous and calling it a double party. Should be fun, though his main party idea gives me the jibblies.

Saturday Morning: Tridentine Mass of Confirmation- apparently the first in decades around these parts. Should be amazing.

Saturday Evening: Math Grad Student Potluck. This time, I mean business. And by business, I mean meatloaf. Oh, and there's a Secret Santa thing with the first-year grad students. I'm trying my best.

Sunday: Mass, and then Day of Rest. You better believe it.

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