Monday, January 02, 2006

Quick Observations

I’ve been essentially hibernating over this break.

You know how in college football, a team’s marching band will play some intimidating music when the other team faces a big third down? I’m watching the Sugar Bowl, and West Virginia’s band keeps sampling the Dies Irae in that situation. It’s kind of disorienting.

Katie got the Sufjan Stevens Illinois CD for Christmas. It’s really incredible to listen to the unbalanced arrangements he does, and the lyrics are just unbelievable. It’s as if Sufjan has David Foster Wallace chained in his basement with a typewriter.

If you have one afternoon to spend in St. Louis, and your knees are still young, forget the Arch. It’s overrated. Spend the day in the City Museum instead. It’s sort of a museum, but really a collection of giant 3-D mazes and caves. You can explore every nook and cranny that you can fit through. I was there with some friends on the 30th, and it was a blast.

I watched Napoleon Dynamite for the first time yesterday. I didn’t laugh out loud, but I liked it a lot as a movie. As Katie put it, “You would like a movie about awkwardness.”

Biggest achievement of the break: sportsmanship. Yeah, I was once again the first player to lose at RISK, but this time it wasn’t because everyone allied against me. I even did well at poker without being the jerk.

Oh, and if you have two days to spend in St. Louis, might I suggest you rent a car and drive to Chicago for some of that time? Okay, just kidding.

I can’t articulate it right now, but I have some strange thoughts on image and reality, theology and the Letter to the Ephesians. Talk to me about it.

I think you’re crazy, maybe.

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