Thursday, February 02, 2006

Oh, and I was greatly surprised today when David dropped in unannounced. He's in the Bay Area to pitch an idea with Yahoo!, and took a moment to find me at Berkeley. That made my day.

I still fell asleep in Differential Manifolds, though. At least by now I've dropped it. (That makes me 1 for 3 on this subject, if you're keeping score.) Doot doot.

My students are doing great on their quizzes. I'm really proud.

I really need to remember that in California, they put crosswalks on busy streets where there's no stop sign or stoplight, and the pedestrians know they have total right of way. So I have to be more ready for people brazenly stepping out in front of my car. Almost sent a few to the Pearly Gates.

The sad thing about growing up is that nobody gives you gold stars anymore.

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