Sunday, February 19, 2006

Woke Up in a Soho Doorway, The Policeman Knew My Name

Here I am in the Big Apple with Katie and her friends. It’s really amazing to see her all grown up (being home doesn’t count, nobody acts mature in their childhood home).

High winds in New York made all but one runway at LaGuardia unsafe, so I had a 3-hour delay on my connection from Chicago Midway. On the plus side, I ran into a Uchicago student in the terminal (Donna, thanks for explaining some Japanese linguistics to me, it was really interesting).

Saw the Museum of Natural History yesterday, especially the fourth floor with all the dinosaurs. The collection contained full skeletons of my two all-time favorites, Ornitholestes and Deinonychus. They looked smaller in person. Also, the Death Star, er, Hayden Sphere was pretty neat.

Digression: Does anyone know a good way to explain the physics of why planetary systems get “locked into” rational multiples, like Neptune orbiting exactly twice for every 3 Pluto orbits, or the Moon rotating exactly once per revolution?

Later, I saw The Unseen, an adaptation of Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit, performed in Katie’s studio (the Experimental Theatre Wing). At first, the constant dancing of the characters was disconcerting, but as it went on I liked the production better (this was also because the material improved greatly once Ruth and Elvira started interacting, IMHO).

Today, I went with Katie to Mass (at St. Joseph’s in Greenwich Village, which quite impressed me), and now we’re pondering other activities which don’t involve staying out for too long in the freezing wind. Definitely not on the agenda: watching Eraserhead again. Gave me the jibblies.

Well, who are you?

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