Sunday, March 05, 2006

Going blogless this week was... highly productive. But I suppose I oughtn't think of it primarily in those terms.

I realized that I haven't listened to anything but Radiohead for about a full week. I mean, I just bought Hail to the Thief and it's earth-shattering and all, but this has Gone. Too. Far. No more apocalypse for me!

The beard is gone, I shaved it off in shame. After six weeks of growth, it still had the discrete topology. I refused to put up with its delusions of opacity!

OK, I'm not spending a lot of time in Blogdom today, either. Go read something fun, kids. May I suggest...

Erik's Rants and Recipes:
I created a little setting for the Friday Afternoon Sermon: a hot, slightly muggy day, in a piazza. The hearers of the sermon are not really there all by choice, and the piazza is full of various police in a variety of levels of uniform. Those who mutter against the Leader get stern looks from one of the secret policemen, you know, the guy over at that other table, sipping his Campari and looking for all the world like somebody's uncle.

Or perhaps Ecumenical Panheresy:
I think it was pretty good, well-argued, well-written. At one point, however, I did consider writing, "...even then, my paper would still be just as brilliant." And a lot of my "argumentation" was in fact merely repeating my contentions louder. And saying how friggin' intense I was. But, I did refrain from titling my paper, "WHY I WRITE SUCH GREAT PAPERS."

Well, I'm off to do graduate-type things. Perhaps I'll see whether Jon Stewart can save the Oscars from total decrepitude. As my Magic 8-Ball would say, "All Signs Point To No."

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