Monday, May 01, 2006

How Do I Love Berkeley? Let Me Count The Ways

Sunny Day, Sweeping The Clouds Away

My apologies to the Midwest, I still love it too. I'm going to go to St. Louis on May 24th, then head up to Chicago the first weekend of June. But the days here are so often glorious. Yesterday was the math grad student picnic; I joined in for two hours of Ultimate Frisbee and felt like I could have run around for another two. (I threw and caught touchdown passes, and even pretended that they went exactly as I'd intended!) In Chicago, the humidity would have had me sprawled out in agony after half an hour.

I suppose I'm just in a sublime mood. We're teaching the differential equations for harmonic motion in Calculus, and I feel more and more like my heart is a damped and driven oscillator, and the cosmos is approaching the resonant frequency. How's that for strange and nerdy?

P.S. Hold your head up, you silly girl; look what you've done!

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