Saturday, May 13, 2006

I. It feels great to be done with the semester. Now I have the summer to which to look forward. (AWKWARD GRAMMAR ALERT: Is that really the proper way to avoid ending the previous sentence with a proposition?)

I'll be teaching (and really teaching, not just running discussion sections) a calculus class for summer session, two hours a day, four days a week. And if that's not cool enough, I'll be taking a reading course on PDEs from the man who wrote the book.

II. Frisbedia, that Michelson House tradition, made its Berkeley debut this week to great acclaim and success. Who would have imagined that playing Ultimate Frisbee outside in Berkeley could be so awesome?

On a related note, I must confess to being a trifle disappointed in the Scav Hunt 2006 list. Nothing on it made me really wish I were back in Chicago for the insanity. Alas.

III.The Medicine Box provides a helpful "cheat sheet" for secular scriveners struggling with Christian terminology:
Heaven is a term referring to the ultimate destiny of a certain number of souls. Depending on who you listen to, heaven is either: where all of us will end up (Origen); where many of us will end up (St. Gregory of Nyssa); where some of us will end up (John Calvin); where a small portion of us have, in some sense, already ended up (John of Leyden); where precisely 144,000 of us will end up (Charles Taze Russell); or where Jack Chick will end up (Jack Chick).
IV. Leaving behind the levity for a moment, Camassia links to a really fascinating story on the remote Piraha tribe of Brazil, whose language- lacking subordinate clauses, concepts of number, and other notions indispensable to the rest of the world- raises fascinating questions about innate language and consciousness.

V. Spurred by my thoughts on the ending of War and Peace, among other things, I'm really gonna try this time and write my thoughts on gender and sexuality. With any luck, we can resolve this thing.

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