Friday, May 19, 2006

The Required Frivolous Post

So, yeah, did I mention my sister Katie is visiting me in Berkeley this week? She's getting a real taste of California (by which I mean, she got painfully sunburned from playing Ultimate Frisbee yesterday). On the minus side, she still remembers all my embarrassing stories! DANGER!

Next Wednesday, I'm coming back to St. Louis for two weeks. Wanna hang out? I'm then driving up to Chicago for the Alumni Weekend, June 1-4. Wanna hang out?

Off to proctor my students' final exam. I'll post the gender differences thing now, next up Catholic sexual morality, then maybe gender roles (sorry, Tolstoy, you took it too far).

Oh, and I got (from a despicable scalper) Radiohead tickets in Berkeley! I can hardly wait!

We are accidents
Waiting to happen.

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