Sunday, June 18, 2006

One of the Most Beautiful Things Ever:

Katherine and Erik getting married yesterday. The pure joy radiating from the bride and groom was so staggering that it left me giddily speechless, multiple times. Such a Sacrament, such a couple! Of course all of the wedding details were done brilliantly, but they almost didn’t matter: the great beauty of the earthly image of the Divine Wedding Feast was so remarkably present.

I’ve known Erik and Katherine since the start of college*, Erik the unflappable Viking programmer and Katherine the Midwestern dynamo of cheerfulness. I was Erik’s roommate for sophomore and junior years and really got to see how this couple acted toward each other. Man, I should have been taking notes. You know that idea I have about unselfish love, diligently seeking the other’s good day in and day out? They live it.

Like I said, a beautiful wedding.

*Though I must admit that of all the Wallace House gang, I think I was absolutely the last to realize that Katherine was, um, more than just Erik’s really good friend. I mean, we’re talking months here. Perspicacity is not a forte of mine.

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