Monday, July 10, 2006

Be Sure and Read Warning First.

Note to self: Having a discussion about indie-rock physics the T.G.B. with an attractive girl is possibly the hottest thing ever.

That webcomic rocks so hard, I have to restrain myself from re-rereading the archives. It's horribly vulgar, and I don't understand most of the all-important music references, but it's a joy to read, intelligent and usually hilarious, simply yet beautifully drawn, and (most importantly) as honest about human nature as a Johnny Cash song. My Disclaimer about noble heathen [or lapsed Catholic] attempts at understanding, appreciating and living in the Cosmos totally applies to Questionable Content.

WARNING: I mean, I'm not kidding, the dialogue at QC is going to be abominably offensive if you tend to form mental images at all while reading. I, strangely enough, never do, so verbal references to bodily functions (and worse) don't trouble me at all (while visual depictions thereof would trouble me greatly, which is why on that score I guard what I watch very carefully), and I can laugh at such stuff. Just know thyself.

And, Catholic ladies with designs on my vocation (I flatter myself), take note of my honest quote edit! I'm a sucker for philosophical sparring with a fascinating woman. (Some of you ladies without any designs on my vocation know this quite well, alas.)

OK, time to get some dinner before I get embarrassingly honest again. I quote movies I've never seen! I send myself smoldering looks in the mirror every morning! If you give me gummi worms and a math book, I will eat them unconsciously while I work, until I either consume them all or make myself violently ill! AARGH!!!

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