Saturday, October 14, 2006

This is the greatest day of my life.

I feel like a few dollars.

Well, I've been laid low with a virus of some sort; I couldn't even read yesterday. But I'm doing better today.

The Sufjan Stevens concert Wednesday night was pretty awesome. He's adapted his delicate music remarkably well to a more energetic concert setting. Jacksonville added a nice bluesy touch to the guitar line, and I can't say enough good things about the beautiful/intense rendition of The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!, culminating in a burst of almost-melodic cacophony that held our enrapt attention for seeming eternities.

Other notes:

*Orchestral accompaniment was great, and the Pacific Mozart Ensemble came in to sing with him- adding a lot more power than the speak-singing backup on his albums.

*It's pretty plain that Sufjan feels completely awkward on stage except when he's playing music; that's a winning stage demeanor.

*The hipsters were out in force for the concert; they were dressed like snowflakes, no two alike.

*Sufjan drew heavily, more than I expected, from his more spiritual album Seven Swans, which I really have to go and get now.

*It's especially interesting how his overt Christianity doesn't turn off the Berkeley audience; I couldn't imagine this crowd so enthusiastic about a direct retelling of the Transfiguration in any other context. I'd spout theories about this, but I don't have any.

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