Sunday, January 21, 2007

Once I was worried that I'd get bad grades.

Then I logged in to find I had no grades at all.

I've run afoul of the Berkeley administration over a $4.00 University Health charge and a spiraling sequence of late fees (which shouldn't have been applied at all to this situation), of which I remained blissfully unaware until after break- when I found that I couldn't register for classes this semester.

And now I've just found that they revoked my credits for last semester, which means that I am in serious trouble, department-wise. I'm sure that I can clear this up (OK, I hope that I can clear this up), but still, ARGH. FOUR FRIGGIN' DOLLARS.

In other news, apparently my silent and awkward visage didn't get broadcast on basic cable yesterday after all. EWTN interviewed Berkeley Students for Life at the Walk for Life, and I was trapped in a no-man's-land spot between subject and reporter. But it looks like they didn't use our footage after all.

Aforementioned walk was a success, again.

LATER YESTERDAY: Dierdre and I were mobbed by large puppets on a BART train. The mosquito heckled me for flubbing my taxonomy (in my defense, he had no wings and a plaid suit), and then some guy got on with a guitar, and they all sang a song about the subway (holding up "SUB-WHAT?" signs for the chorus). I realize that this sounds as if I'd consumed the "special" spices at Brandy Ho's Hunan, but I assure you that this actually happened. Does anybody else know who that group might be?

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