Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thank God.

It is finished. The paper should never have come to this, but I am finally done with it; and I'm ready to take a long break before I have to think about math again.

Oh, drat.

I am exhausted. Tomorrow, classes begin.

The wedding of John and Wavelet was as incredible as anticipated. The wedding Mass was simple and beautiful, everything quite proper- kneeling before the altar, Gregorian chant, Fr. Zak scolding them in his Polish accent for not having eaten before the wedding, Tobit and Ephesians and the Wedding at Cana, anxious faces before and relief afterwards. Everything that ought to be solemn was solemn.

And with the reception, they showed that everything that didn't have to be solemn was fair game. Mexican wrestling masks (i.e. Strong Bad's head) as wedding favors? Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots as a dance song, with bride and groom doing the Robot? YES.

There's something about dozens of young children out on a dance floor that screams "Catholic Wedding". Also, the family held an after-after-party the next day to finish off all the fantastic food put together by Erik. Also, I'm not yet sure whether "Deirdre" (sist-or of the bride) is recovered yet from her 36-hour partying spree. Also, hello to the brothers and sisters of the groom who asked about my blog- I greatly admired the cut of your collective jib! Finally, 'twas excellent meeting Dan of Bloody Papist, even if our dispute (whether reincarnation would be incoherent or simply unfitting for humans- of course we agreed that it doesn't happen) was not totally resolved by appeal to Tommy A.

Alright. Now, sleep. SLEEEEEEEEEEEP.

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