Saturday, February 10, 2007

Quotidian Post!

This is one of THREE posts this evening (and probably the weakest of the three)! I just felt a tad inspired, that's all.

Life has been all right. I have this semester to either become an actual mathematician or die trying; I'm planning to take my qualifying exam (contents: me, 4 professors, a chalkboard, and three hours) in late May. After that, it will be time to start making math of my own and working towards a thesis. If I don't screw up too badly, I might have a PhD by 2010.

I've finally gone and started learning how to swing dance, and the first class was excellent; I can't recall the last time I've had so much fun for 90 minutes. At the very beginning, I must confess to a minor bout of totally irrational chorophobia (or perhaps venustraphobia), but the joy of dancing soon overcame that.

Last night was the "Evening with G.K. Chesterton", which lived up to its billing: though I have no way of knowing how thorough was Dr. Chalberg's imitation of Chesterton's manner, it was impressive to hear such a deft synthesis of his famous works- every word was Gilbert's. The food was excellent; Erik prepared an amazing haggis risotto (much better than I'm sure it sounds), a juicy pot roast and more. (Incidentally, you ought to stop by and wish Mr. Keilholtz a happy 'Ducebruary' if you haven't already.)

The company was excellent, too; St. Margaret Mary's has truly become a home for me, and I'm rapidly finding how interconnected is the local community of Catholics wacky enough to consider that the Church might be exactly what She's always claimed to be. Arturo, a.k.a. the Sarabite, is even more erudite and interesting in person than on his blog (which I highly recommend).

From the past to the future- this spring break, I'll be heading out for the East Coast (Lord knows I've paid some dues, getting through...) to see sister Katie in New York and a couple of friends in Boston (i.e. University of Chicago, East Campus). A duel awaits me on the banks of the Charles, and my foe shall be humbled! Oh, and if you'll be in NYC or Boston for the last week of March, dear Reader, don't hesitate to let me know; perhaps there may be a lunch in it for you...

Well, that about sums it up for the time being. Seek the good!

P.S. I finally got a new cell phone, since the old one lost the ability to receive calls. Now people can call me anytime!

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