Monday, June 25, 2007


And, welcome back. With my qualifying exam less than twelve days away, I want to reassure you that I've been devoting myself wholeheartedly to studying. I really do want to reassure you, but I can't. I've been having too much fun. It's enough to make a man not go crazy.

I did my San Francisco tour guide imitation again, leading several friends from the Golden Gate Bridge to Coit Tower and beyond. I went to New York for sister Katie's 21st birthday party in Central Park. I introduced my parents to Indian food for the first time. I learned "Circle Rules" and suffered only minor scrapes. I ran into the Golden State Warriors execs on the way back to Oakland (and the woman I told about this turned out to have attended Baron Davis' birthday party). I danced swing in Redwood City. I ate bacon-wrapped pork and corn on the cob, and drew a royal flush in poker. I saw Ratatouille (good, not great), tried creme brulee for the first time, went swing dancing again, etc, etc, etc.
Still, I think I'll be OK in the end; I have been studying pretty regularly, despite the above. It won't be pretty, but I'll survive.

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