Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stuff Patrick Likes

If I were cool, I would have linked these a long, long time ago, but we all know I'm not...

1. Stuff White People Like. The hipster-intellectual social hierarchy, based on "authenticity", oneupsmanship in irony, and sensitive social concern, was obviously ripe for satire; but it's great to see one so trenchant. I've observed all of these in Berkeley, and I'm not immune to some of these (say, the cachet of #71).

2. Zero Punctuation, a series of semi-animated video game reviews. Note that I don't have a video game system out here (thank God), and I will probably never buy or play the games reviewed here. So it's a testament to Yahtzee's particular blend of obscene razor wit and awful visual puns that I watch these things anyway. (The Jericho review is a good example of what I mean.)

3. Most belated of all, if you haven't ever read Bill Simmons' sports writing, and you're not completely repulsed by devoting attention to the tribalistic national pastimes, you might really enjoy it. I've gradually grown sick of most sportswriters, but Simmons has the luck to possess a real human authorial voice and an eye for detail in all the social interactions with fans and athletes; it's a fan's-eye-view of the sporting life, but one with rather more self-awareness than is standard.


Mr. G. Z. T. said...

dood, that's so cool how we both independently wrote about our discovery of SWPL on the same day.

boomvark said...

Oh, man. I sorta followed you here from DarwinCatholic's comments box (where you made an interesting remark or two). Gotta thank you for the link to Zero Punctuation; that site is the funniest thing I've seen in weeks!